About Us

Like a lot of good stories, this one starts with love.

My dream began a year ago when I envisioned a hair salon that advocated for its team as much as its guests. The principles of happiness, opportunity, and love forged NUROSE Hair Company. At our core, it is more than that; NUROSE is about being a good person, period. It is this simple attribute that separates us from the rest.

Everyone at NUROSE constantly strives to elevate their beliefs and champion great style. Over time we have built a micro-community that inspires different versions of beauty and the innovative techniques that make it happen. Like a rose, we experience growth phases throughout our lives, but we only begin to flourish with passion, joy, courage, and sacrifice.

We strive to make every day a good hair day.

Your experience at NUROSE Hair Co. will blend passion, art, and good conversation. We are a mix of commission and independent artists in East Beach, Norfolk VA. We focus on nurturing our guests’ hair, vision, and goals while performing exceptional hair services.

We are genuinely committed to your guest experience. Let us be your new salon home.

We can’t wait to meet you!