7 Buzzwords To Help You Communicate With Your Stylist In [2023]

I am going to discuss 7 key buzzwords circulating in the hair industry that will help you effectively communicate with your hair stylist at NUROSE Hair Company.


Every client and hair stylist has dealt with the confusion and miscommunication that comes with not knowing how to speak “the language of hair.”

We all know languages can be hard.

The Buzzwords Explained

Speaking in anything other than your native tongue takes practice and patience. For a client entering into our hair styling world – it’s no different.

We have terms that sound like they’re from outer space or just letters mixed with numbers (and you thought algebra was a thing of the past).

Sometimes, one word has multiple meanings. When it comes down to it – beauty is different for everyone.

Does this kind of confusion sound familiar? I want you to know, you are not alone. Everyone feels this way.

So here are some things you need to know.


Think hand-painted-hair.

Instead of foils, the lightener is applied using smooth strokes on the surface of the hair with a paintbrush.

The color gradient goes from darkest at the roots, then lighter in the middle, and brightest on the ends.

It looks more natural, has less damage impact on the hair during processing, and doesn’t need to be touched up as often.

Lived In Color

I must start off by saying AHN CO TRAN, a celebrity stylist and the father of the lived-in lob is amazing.

He brought something to us and it’s quite possible it just won’t go out of style any time soon.

So what does “lived-in” mean?

Think about your hair never actually looking like it got a fresh, blunt cut.

The name of the game is to make the cut look like “it naturally grows this way.”

The same goes for color where we want to say, “oh the sun did this to me.” Think lots of texture, layers, and movement.

Color Melt

This one has gotten so popular that we have to talk about it. It belongs in the toner family for the most part.

Think of it as toner times 3.

It’s used when you want to tone the upper part of the hair differently than the lower part.


There could be a line that needs to be blended out and a “rooted” look created.

Or maybe during the balayage, the upper part of the hair is brassier than the lower part.

So a variety of colors are needed to make it look even.


This one confuses clients a lot. Just know one thing: they are all pretty much the same thing.

The terms themselves more reflect the process of what’s happening versus the product being used.

For example, if you want the yellow color of the blonde hair removed, you would put in different tones or “tone” the hair.

What if you want strength and shine mostly? Well, you can “gloss” the hair with a clear gloss.

And glaze? There can be treatment additions to the gloss to make it healthy. This is a glaze.

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Not to be confused with foils or balayage yet is it both. This one really confuses clients so hang in there with me k?

A foiliage has the power to get you really blonde the way foils do.

It also has the ability to not leave a harsh outgrowth line the way balayage does. See?

But why pick this over balayage?

It’s for people who want to be blonder than what a one-time balayage can achieve.

Hair Extensions

The world of hair extensions is like Willy-Wonka’s chocolate factory.

So many varieties are produced like candy although there is no golden ticket for free hair extensions.

So what can be said here?

Talk to your stylist about a few things. The length you want, the thickness you want, and the upkeep.

Length, thickness, and your commitment to high or low maintenance upkeep determine which type of hair extension your stylist will pick for you.


This is a special, special treatment. There are a variety of different types.

What you need to ask yourself first is – do I want this to smooth my hair or take away the curls?

Good keratin treatments are smoothing treatments, not straightening treatments.

They are designed to add depleted protein back into each and every hair shaft. Make the hair shiny and healthy again, decrease frizz and decrease your blow-dry time.

A little added secret is they can make your hair more capable of taking the color well.

Talk To Your Stylist

So, when it comes to speaking with your stylist about what you want, remember these buzzwords and their meanings.

It is so important to communicate your hair goals so that your stylist can curate the absolute best strategy to execute!

With these tips, you’re 7 steps closer to communicating effectively about the language of hair.

Are there any words you don’t know the meaning of? List them in the comment section!

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