7 Reasons You Should Try Hair Extensions Today

Everyone has a signature style when it comes to their hair, but sometimes that can get a little boring.

We’ve all been through those days when we want to try something different, but there’s always that voice in the back of our heads telling us we might regret this in the morning.

Your hair should be another way you express your style.

You should be able to try different styles without fear that you’ve ruined your hair forever – that’s where hair extensions come in.

Hair extensions are more common than ever. 

They’re usually the reason behind the celebrity hair we all envy. But don’t let that scare you away; this celebrity secret is easy enough that you could do it at home.

Keep reading to learn about the 7 reasons why you should try hair extensions today!

Shelby Spera Hair sews beaded weft hair extensions into blonde hair clients head.
Hand-sewn beaded weft hair extensions by Shelby Spera Hair


When people think about hair extensions, they usually think about adding length, but they can also add volume to thin hair.

You could always use volumizing shampoo, but those can take a while to see results.

If you want something instant, talk to your hairstylist about adding hair extensions for volume. This instantly adds more hair onto your head, giving you the volume you’ve always dreamed of.


Using extensions for adding length to your hair is arguably the most common use for hair extensions.

While long hair is beautiful, it’s not easy to maintain.

Not only is it time-consuming to style every day, but you also run the risk of split ends weighing your hair down.

If you want to try out long hair but don’t want to commit to the time it takes to maintain it then hair extensions might be your best option.

Extensions are a great option, whether you just cut your hair short and miss your length or could never grow your hair below your shoulders.


Another thing hair extensions can do for you is add dimension to your existing hair through different colored extensions.

If you look at any celebrity on the red carpet, their hair has many different shades.

Talk to your stylist about different shades of hair extension to play with your hair color.

Also, hair extensions don’t have to match your natural hair color.

If you’re feeling artistic, consider adding a bright pop of color like pink or blue to really shake things up.


If you have thin hair, you know how hard it can be to style.

Your hair never seems to turn out as big and vibrant as the girls in the tutorial. If you want to try an intricate hairstyle that your thin hair doesn’t seem to hold, consider trying hair extensions for some added volume that makes hair easier to style.

Even better, if your ponytail lies limp against the back of your head, you could always use a ponytail hair extension.

These extensions clip around your already existing hair to give you a ponytail to rival Ariana Grande’s.

If you are interested in learning more about hair extensions you should read my article “A Clients Guide To Hair Extensions“!

Special Occasions

While you can use hair extensions every day, they can also be utilized for special occasions – ensuring your hair stands out.

For occasions like weddings, graduations, or birthdays, consider adding hair extensions to mark the special occasion.

Halo extensions can be placed the day of the event and taken out at night.

This makes styling easier than ever.

You can opt for adding length you’ve never had before or adding volume to style your hair like all the girls on Pinterest.


If you’re on the fence about hair extensions, think of them as hair accessories.

You don’t have to transform your whole look with hair extensions.

They can be used for a pop of color, trying out highlights, or adding volume to a cool braid.

Changing up your style should be a fun experience, and hair extensions allow you to change your style without commitment.

Ease Of Use

The best thing about hair extensions is how easy they are to use because of the numerous different types. The easiest hair extensions you could do yourself are clip-in and halo hair extensions.

All it takes is a youtube tutorial to figure that out!

These are all beginner-friendly because of how easy they are to apply in the morning and take out at night.

If you want something a bit more permanent, talk to your hairstylist about sew-in extensions or cold or hot fusion extensions.

If you are interested in learning more about hair extensions you should read my article “A Clients Guide To Hair Extensions“!

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