A Guide To Going Blonde in [2023]

Blondes have more fun duh – at least that’s what everyone says.

  • Going Blonde Is A Commitment
  • Deciding What Kind of Blonde You Want to Be
  • Hair Stylist Consultation
  • Finally In The Salon Chair
  • From Dark Brunette to Bright Blonde
  • Blonde Hair Is A Big Change
  • Does Hair Bleach Cause Damage?
  • Schedule Multiple Appointments With Your Hairstylist
  • Using the Right Hair Care Products
  • Purple Shampoo

The process of gradually going blonde from dark hair can be quite the journey and it’s often surrounded by mystery and misconception.

What if my hair turns orange? What if my hair becomes stringy and melts off like that girl I saw on TikTok? If I’ve already decided this is the hair transformation I want, where do I even begin?

If you’re dealing with anxiety and confusion over going blonde, then you’re in the right place.

The process doesn’t have to be scary – it’s way simpler than you might think. Just follow the below checklist ladies! 

Going Blonde Is A Commitment

How long it will take you to achieve your desired blonde depends on your natural hair color. Regardless of where you’re starting, going blonde is a time and money commitment.

Your first appointment in the salon chair can take anywhere from 3-5 hours.

After that first appointment, you’ll probably need several more sessions until you get to where you want. On average, it can take 6 months to a year for you to achieve your desired blonde.

In addition to the time commitment, going blonde can be expensive.

You should expect to spend a few hundred dollars at each appointment, but you also need to budget for your maintenance appointments after you’ve reached your desired level of blonde.

Going blonde isn’t fast (especially if you have dark hair), but it’s worth it if you’re willing to be patient.

Deciding What Kind Of Blonde You Want To Be

Going blonde isn’t one-size-fits-all. The blonde that looks great on your best friend might not be the blonde that’s going to look great on you.

Once you’ve decided you want to go blonde, you need to decide what kind of blonde you want.

In general, a cool icy blond will look best on someone with pinker undertones, while a warm gold blonde looks best on someone with golden undertones.

If you’re unsure about your undertones and the shade of blonde for you, ask your stylist to help you decide.

Hair Stylist Consultation

The most important part of your hair appointment will be your consultation.

This is your chance to talk through your blonde dreams with your stylist to make sure you’re both on the same page.

It’s a good idea to come to your first appointment with some reference pictures of the blonde you’re trying to achieve.

It is essential that you are completely honest with your stylist when they ask you about your hair history.

Box dyes or other at-home hair color treatments might affect the way the bleach reacts to your hair, and this could prevent the bleach from lifting the way it’s meant to.

In a worst-case scenario, not being honest with your stylist could lead to real hair damage.

Finally In The Salon Chair

You’re finally in the salon chair about to start your journey to becoming a blonde.

So what’s actually going to happen?

Depending on your consultation, your stylist may want to start with a test strand to determine how your hair will handle the bleaching process. If all goes well, you’re ready to start your journey.

Your stylist will begin applying the bleach to your hair, and depending on your end goal, this might be in the form of a balayage or full highlights. Either way, expect to be in that salon chair for a while.

After the bleach is fully applied and had it’s time to work on your hair, your stylist will wash it out and apply your toner.

The toner is what gets rid of the red and yellow tones left behind by the bleach. Once the toner is washed out, your stylist will dry and style your hair.

Congratulations! You’ve made the first step in your journey of going blonde

From Dark Brunette To Bright Blonde

A lot of people with dark brunette hair might think it’s just impossible for them to go blonde, but that is simply not true.

If you’re a dark brunette and you’ve made it this far into this post, chances are, you’ve been thinking about going blonde and might just need that extra push.

You can still make your blonde dreams come true; it might just take you a little longer.

When starting with dark hair, it’s important to go slow, take your time, and utilize multiple appointments to ensure your hair is both blonde and healthy.

Girl with blonde hair at a hair salon in Virginia Beach

Blonde Hair Is A Big Change

If you’ve never been blonde before, seeing yourself with blonde hair might be a big shock – even if you’ve been wanting this forever.

This is why it’s great to go slow and go blonde throughout multiple appointments.

Your hair will gradually change giving you more time to get used to it.

You might also find that you like your hair somewhere in between your natural color and the original blonde you thought you wanted.

Does Hair Bleach Cause Damage?

Unless your hair is already pretty light, your stylist will have to use bleach to get you the color you want.

Bleach can be scary, and we’ve all seen the pictures and videos of people whose hair has been melted off. Maybe your friend tried to go blonde, and the bleach ruined her hair.

When used correctly, bleach should not destroy your hair. It’s totally possible to bleach your hair while maintaining its health.

To do this, you must be honest with your stylist about your hair history and the products you’re currently using. This might lead to your stylist telling you they can’t take you as blonde as you want until your hair regains some health.

While this might be hard to hear, it’s important to remember your stylist has your hair health in mind.

Click the link to my article to learn more about hair bleach! “Hair Bleach 101″

Schedule Multiple Appointments With Your Hairstylist

We’ve already discussed how getting to your desired blonde might take multiple appointments, but the appointments don’t stop once you’re there.

You’ll still need to come into the salon for a touch-up every 6-12 weeks to keep your blonde looking as great as it did on day one.

Protect your investment.

Using The Right Hair Care Products

Now that you have your blonde, it’s time to invest in some quality hair products.

There’s no point in spending hundreds of dollars at the salon to ruin your hair with cheap subpar products. Investing in quality products like a good deep conditioner will ensure your hair is healthy after the bleaching process.

It’s also best to try and limit any heat styling to maintain the health of your hair. Anytime you do style with heat, make sure you use a good heat protectant.

Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is essential to any blonde.

Like the toner used in your hair appointments, the purple shampoo will neutralize any brassiness you’ve gotten since your last touch-up appointment.

Be sure to not overuse purple shampoo, if you use too much you might notice a slight purple tint to your hair.

Making a huge change to your hair can sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Remember to be honest with your hair stylist and trust that they have your best interest in mind. With these tips, you’ll be having fun as a blonde in no time.

If you want to learn more about purple shampoo then check out my article Purple Shampoo 101″

What are your concerns about going blonde? Let me hear your questions or comments below!

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