How To Protect Your Blonde Hair This Summer

Blondes have more fun, right? Well, that may be true, but blondes also need to work a little bit harder to keep their hair looking its best in the summer. If you’re a natural blonde, you might remember when you were a kid, and your hair took on a slight green hue from pool chlorine. […]

Hair Bleach 101

It looks so easy when we chat casually and ask about your life and the details of your hair goals. But what’s going on inside that little bowl of creamy white mixture? What happens when we put it either in foils or balayage it onto your hair? And why do hair stylists have to maintain […]

A Guide To Going Blonde in [2023]

Blondes have more fun duh – at least that’s what everyone says. The process of gradually going blonde from dark hair can be quite the journey and it’s often surrounded by mystery and misconception. What if my hair turns orange? What if my hair becomes stringy and melts off like that girl I saw on […]