Kérastase Hair Care Products For 2024!

a group of Kerastase hair products located at NUROSE Hair Company in Norfolk Virginia.

Kérastase is a brand that is widely recognized for its high-quality hair care products. The brand has gained popularity in the beauty industry due to its innovative approach to hair care.

A Clients Guide To Hair Extensions

There is no doubt that hair extensions have significantly grown in popularity! I believe 2022 will be the year of hair extensions. Let’s face it – they are more affordable, durable, higher quality, and versatile than ever before! As a hair stylist, I have been installing hair extensions for the past 10 years. I have […]

The Ultimate Guide To Postpartum Hair Loss

Hey Mommas! Congratulations on your new baby. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but it also requires your body to work overtime for nine long months. Once the baby is born, your hair doesn’t grow as much as it did when you were pregnant. New moms often report postpartum hair loss in the months after giving birth. […]

A Guide To Going Blonde in [2023]

Blondes have more fun duh – at least that’s what everyone says. The process of gradually going blonde from dark hair can be quite the journey and it’s often surrounded by mystery and misconception. What if my hair turns orange? What if my hair becomes stringy and melts off like that girl I saw on […]