Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Guest Services department will be happy to help.

NUROSE stylists + colorists train to give full transparency to our guests during the consultation component of each appointment. Each service provider needs to know the complete color history of your hair for the best results.

In cases where the guest’s expectations are beyond what may be achievable in one session, we will endeavor to offer alternatives that are still of a high, beautiful standard until we can see you next. In cases where your provider is concerned about your hair health or a lot of products are used before your appointment, your colorist may recommend a clarifying treatment, K18, or Loreal Metal Detox, to ensure they can deliver the required results.

Your stylist will also recommend appropriate home care products, toning products, and rebooking recommendations that will best help you maintain your color. We value educating our guests to come to a shared understanding of what is possible concerning the history and condition of your hair. We make no judgment based on previous hair care regimes and do our best to ensure that our guests can take home products that enable them to maintain beautiful hair beyond the salon.

YES! All bookings need to be confirmed the day before your service. We send confirmation text messages 24 hours before your appointment. Alternatively, if you have yet to receive a text or are unsure, please call the salon at (757) 937-2014 to confirm or reschedule your appointment.

Any bookings left unconfirmed will be followed up by our Guest Service Expert. If we cannot get a hold of you following several documented attempts, NUROSE Hair Co. reserves the right to offer your appointment time to others on our waitlist. Furthermore, you will be subject to fees associated with our cancellation policy. 

Our objective is to meet all guest schedule needs and maintenance goals. We recommend that all our guests rebook their upcoming appointments to accomplish this objective. Rebooking appointments guarantee a routine maintenance schedule and time with their favorite service provider. 

The longevity of chemical services depends on each individual’s hair care routine. All guests are encouraged to develop a hair care routine with their stylists. Our team can only guarantee upkeep and maintenance by purchasing certain at-home retail products from us.

Every service provider at NUROSE Hair Co. works on a level system. The level system accomplishes two primary goals. The first is to provide our team with a career path of growth and achievement. The second is to offer several options for your various service needs. Service providers achieve level promotions based on the demand for their time.

Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs and their budget. We will provide options if you are seeking a specific pricing point.

Please note that our service pricing may increase based on additional time or product required to accommodate thick or lengthy hair. 

All prices are subject to change and do not include gratuity.

To respect the time of our guests and our staff, we ask that you notify us of a cancellation or reschedule no less than 24 hours before the appointment. Appointments canceled less than 24 hours before a scheduled service will result in a fee of 50% of the scheduled service cost. 

This policy allows us ample time to fill the appointment should you need to cancel your service. 

NUROSE Hair Company is not responsible for any damage to clothing or outerwear.  

Yes, you will. To respect our stylists’ time, you are subject to a charge of 100% of the scheduled service cost if an appointment is no-showed. 

For numerous no-shows or cancellations, we require a 50% non refundable deposit to make any future appointments. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we must value the time of our commissioned hairstylists and compensate them appropriately. 

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Please notify us within 48 hours of the original appointment about your dissatisfaction. If you request/require an additional service to achieve your desired look – and you did not originally receive that service – you will be charged full price for the service.

Redo appointments are accommodated within seven days of the original appointment. All guests are scheduled with the original stylist who performed the service. If the original stylist is unavailable, the first available stylist will schedule the redo. 

If you schedule beyond seven days or choose to reschedule the redo appointment, your service will no longer be considered a redo, and standard service fees apply. 

Please be advised we will not be able to accommodate a second appointment if you are a no-show for a re-do reservation.

NUROSE Hair Co. welcomes all children with a scheduled appointment. However, all staff members, employees, and affiliates of NUROSE Hair Company, LLC are not liable for your children if they are running, spinning, or climbing on chairs, touching or playing with cords or tools, choose to touch items from stylist stations or open any closed drawers within the space during your visit with us.

The stations, drawers, chairs, and various tools our stylists utilize to perform services on our guests are only meant to be touched by our team members and licensed cosmetologists.

Our salon has various hot tools that stay on throughout the day at over 400F. Our drawers contain many sharp objects, such as scissors and razor blades, along with other chemicals and irritants that could be potentially dangerous to unsuspecting children. The various tools we use are meant to be utilized by our team and licensed cosmetologists only.

As appealing as spinning salon chairs seem for the little ones, we can not allow children to play on, stand on, spin in, or otherwise utilize our chairs for any other purpose besides sitting in. 

Please note that all of our staff members at NUROSE are required to discourage this behavior.

Returns of unopened or defective products can be exchanged or refunded. We require all returns within 14 days of purchase. Any product returned outside of 14 days will be exchanged for salon credit. 

Salon boutique merchandise will either be exchanged or returned for salon credit. Due to the health and sanitation code, you can not return hair brushes.

Gift certificates are valid for up to one year from the date of purchase and must be present at the time of service. Copies of gift certificates are not acceptable. Please call NUROSE Hair Co. concerning lost gift certificates. All gift certificates are non-refundable, and gift certificates are not redeemable for cash. Gift certificates are only valid at NUROSE Hair Co. and are available to use on any product or service.