A female hairstylist from norfolk va working at NUROSE Hair Company.


Extension Expert + Educator

Meet Anna, a 14 year veteran of the Virginia Beach hair industry. Specializing in the artistry of blonde transformations and the intricate world of hair extensions, Anna has established herself as a true expert in her craft.

Known for her ability to curate custom blonding that enhances natural beauty, Anna brings a personalized touch to each guest’s journey. Her expertise goes beyond color, seamlessly integrating extensions to achieve stunning, natural-looking results. With Anna, guests not only receive a transformation but an experience tailored to their unique style and preferences.

As a distinguished NUROSE educator, Anna extends her passion to coaching and mentoring co-stylists. Recognizing the value of collaboration, she actively guides and empowers her peers, fostering an environment of growth and excellence. Anna’s commitment to teamwork is reflected in her role as a mentor to co-stylists, seamlessly elevating the overall appointment efficiency and pampering experience for every guest.