Owner + Educator

Shelby’s passion for the beauty industry led her to establish NUROSE Hair Company, where she imparts her expertise and experience to mentor and coach her team to help them reach their full potential. Through careful selection, she has assembled a group of stylists capable of meeting Hampton Roads’ diverse needs. Shelby is confident that NUROSE boasts a stylist suitable for every individual.

With over a decade of experience in the Virginia Beach hair industry, Shelby has earned a reputation for her exceptional talent in creating beautiful blonde hair, a skill that her guests sincerely appreciate. Her genuine care and passion have garnered her a loyal following, and she is committed to serving her guests for many years to come.

Beyond the salon, Shelby’s influence stretches far and wide. She is a respected expert contributor to Ocean View Living Magazine, where her written words explore the intricate tapestry of the hairdressing community, the latest regulations, exciting opportunities, and trendsetting hairstyles. Her insightful articles have also graced the pages of the Virginia Pilot and various prominent blogs, leaving a trail of knowledge and inspiration for all who seek it. With an insatiable appetite for learning and a heart devoted to her craft, Shelby embodies the essence of a modern-day hair maven who thrives on nurturing talent, igniting creativity, and forging connections within and beyond the realm of hairdressing.